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Hey guys, it’s Imogen, and I’m in London! 😀 I am on the hotel computer so I will have to be quick 😉 I am having so much fun, as this is only my second time in London although I live in England. I can’t wait for tomorrow though, cuz then we can go to ORLANDO! =3

See ya soon



Hiya everyone!

Tomorrow I am going to London for the day! Although I am from England I have only been once…hehe. The place in London I am going to is called Gatwick. We are driving so it will take us 2 hours x_x I went on a train last time, it was cool. Last time I went I was in the heart of London, it was called Marylebone (pronounced Marley-bone.)

This is a house in Gatwick.

If I have time today I will write up about my trip to Gloucester, if not today then I will tomorrow at night at the hotel, and I will also write about London tomorrow at the hotel.

See you soon!


I am going to Hoburne on Friday!!! It will be great! I am REALLY excited because my friends, Niamh and Heather are coming! I am sad though because Ellie can’t come because of some stupid guitar exam on the day we leave that she doesn’t even want to do 😦

It will be great though! I HOPE I’ll be able to update 🙂

Imo xxx


Hi world! (Again) I just found out that in July I am going to Cotswold again! Yay! I love it there!!!

This is the pool – It is gorgeous! Me and Heather always play in it! (Ellie has never been before – she is in for a treat!)

This is one of the holiday homes! How cute! It’s like, a cross between a log cabin and a villa! 😀

We stay in a big, family sized tent! I can’t wait! 🙂

Until then,

Imo xxx




Hi everyone! My name is Imogen and I am going to blog about my holidays! I am going to Gatwick, London for a day in August, and the next day I am going to Orlando, Florida! I can’t wait!!! I will be uploading videos, pictures and blogging, of course! I can’t wait to get started. But, until then, this will be my only post! When August starts, make sure to check up!


Imogen 🙂